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I'm Logesh


Hello I'm Logesh ! I have completed my engineering graduate and having hands-on experience in web designing and digital marketing. I'm looking to flourish in a growth and success setting that gives me self-development and also helps me in achieving both personal and organizational goals.

Professional Skills

Web Designing
Web Analytics
Page Optimization
Graphic Design
Python Bot Developing

My Qualification

  • Experience

  • Seithialai


    Developed a news website using WordPress. Implement SEO optimization for the website, site to improve Google ranking. Analyze and improve the performance of the website using Google Analytics and Google search console. Managed Domain Hosting of the website. Improved site performance using Google web. dev tool and

  • Freelance

    Website Management

    Provided various technical and web development support related to hosting, responsive web design, amp, configuration, optimization, SEO, Email Marketing and ads for several clients that include sriharibuilders, trisula, sriajfurnitures, sastratbi.

  • Education

  • B.Tech


    I have completed my engineering graduate in mechanical engineering at SASTRA University in 2020.

My Interest

I'm person who is fond of music. I appreciate all kinds of music. Classical music never fails to amuse me. I am a hodophile and I like to explore new places and get to learn new culture . I spend my time playing strategy games with my friends .

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